Our Team

Some of the many hands, brains, and hearts behind ODC

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President: Scott Hextall

Scott is a final-year undergraduate studying Chemistry at Brasenose College. He was previously a project leader and founder at Oxford Social Impact where he worked with a U.S. NGO giving grants to refugee-led organisations in sub-Saharan Africa. After interning at Oliver Wyman, he joins ODC to focus on improving student outreach and society growth to position ODC as the leading development consultancy in Oxford. Outside of ODC you’ll find him playing the organ for Evensong at Brasenose and going for weekend cycles around Oxford.

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Vice President (Projects): Eric Zhang

Eric is a second-year undergraduate studying Human Sciences at Mansfield College. He was the creative director at ODC last year but is looking forward to joining ODC again as the VP projects! He is very keen into creating social impacts and outside of ODC, he has had experiences in various socially impactful organisations from education reform to ethnic minority awareness raising. In his free time, Eric can be found playing basketball and cooking with his friends.


Vice President (External Relations): Freddie zu Wied

Freddie zu Wied is a second-year Human Sciences student at Wadham. He joins ODC with a range of experience in the non-profit sector, business and journalism. His interests lie in applying an understanding of life sciences to approaches to policy, development and business. He has previously worked internationally with TED and DLD on development-related events, and collaborated with organisations such as Fauna & Flora International and Hands At Work for fundraising and research projects. Outside of his work at ODC, Freddie is captain of Wadham’s Boat Club, though he also enjoys playing the accordion and open-water swimming.

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Projects Officer: Maria Rotaru

Maria is a second-year Philosphy, Politics and Economics student at Somerville College. She has a strong interest in public policy design and analysis, as well as in developmental economics. Particularly, she is passionate about issues such as poverty, education and children’s rights. During previous internships, she has focused on researching and analyzing policy related to water scarcity and conflict, child abuse and protection and quality education. Maria looks forward to being a part of ODC, working with a variety of NGOs and students. Outside these interests, she is also the JCR International Officer at Somerville.

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Projects Officer: Nile Kirke

Nile, a third-year Maths student at Oriel, is excited to continue ODC’s brilliant work by sourcing for potential projects and being a point-of-call for new clients. He is new to the team but has always been passionate about international development, especially concerning climate change and its effects on the world’s most vulnerable and isolated communities. Outside ODC Nile’s been involved with his college JCR, and in the evening if he isn’t working, he enjoys playing football, going on walks or runs around Oxford or a trip to the pub.


Projects Officer: Esme Robinson


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Sponsorship Director: Xuan Yee

Xuan is a second-year Experimental Psychology student at St Edmund Hall. As he has a deep interest in non-profit and development work, he volunteered for multiple NGOs in various capacities. For example, he evaluated the impact of the education access initiatives of a global NGO and the microfinance initiatives of an Indonesian NGO using data analysis. Issues like inequality, child development, and education are especially close to his heart.

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Creative Director: Quek Hui Ying

Hui Ying, a third-year History student at Lincoln, is passionate about education and service. She loves supporting and uplifting the people and communities around her, and find joy in communicating with others. She loves to cook and bake as well, as a break (or perhaps, procrastination!) from all the essays she’s got to write as a history student.


Events Director: Evan Burke

Evan is a second year biochemistry student at Exeter college. He’s recently been working with 180DC and a social enterprise called Generation Medics. Outside of consulting his interests include film and cooking.

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Events Director: Su Xijia

Xijia is a first-year Philosophy, Politics and Economics student at Corpus Christi College. His passion for social impact drives him to run a Fintech start-up for Gen Z’s passion projects. Xijia’s prior experiences in both the private sector and non-profits inspire him to join ODC to bring ideas across people from all backgrounds. Outside, Xijia is also a history lover and travel enthusiast