Our Team

Some of the many hands, brains, and hearts behind ODC

President: Vaibhav Chandak

Vaibhav is a third-year undergraduate reading Economics and Management at St Hugh's College. Having worked on a project to design a consumer savings plan for a Nigerian microfinance bank and served as Projects Officer for ODC previously, he is excited to take the lead as President. In the coming cycle, he plans to better facilitate the field trip process for teams, develop the financial arm of the society and strengthen collaborations with other student societies at Oxford and outside! Besides ODC and his degree, he plays hockey for Oxford and is the Hugh's JCR Treasurer.

Vice President: Joshua Gei

Joshua is a second-year undergraduate reading Engineering Science at Mansfield College. Having worked on expanding the business strategy of a blockchain project in Chile that enhances collaboration in the non-profit sector in Hilary Term 2019, Joshua will be helming the sourcing and managing of impactful projects in his role as vice-president this cycle. Outside of ODC, Joshua also enjoys making music with some of Oxford’s student orchestras, and occasionally accompanies his college choir on the organ.

Projects Officer: Melody Lam

Melody is a second-year undergraduate student studying Italian and Linguistics at Oriel. Having worked for an education access charity for the past year, she is very excited to be working with different social enterprises as part of the ODC team. As Projects Officer, she would be working on various partnership/ collaboration/ sponsorship projects with Josh, Melissa, and Manoj. She is also the Secretary of the Oriel JCR and OX1 Incubator. When she’s not using her admin access to the JCR mailing list to circulate dog photos, she enjoys learning new languages (especially the grammar!) and hanging out with the college teddy bear.

Projects Officer: Melissa Orr

Melissa is a second-year PPE student at St Hilda’s College. Before beginning university, she spent 9 months working in the UK House of Commons and is currently involved in a campaign to end violence against children in countries affected by armed conflicts. She hopes to apply the experience of liaising and building important relationships with interest groups in order to develop effective and impactful outcomes for projects as a Projects Officer. Outside of ODC, Melissa can be found rowing or running her co-founded college photography society.

Projects Officer: Manoj Thiyagarajan

Manoj is a second-year History and Politics undergraduate at Harris Manchester College. In the past year, he has worked on development projects mainly in South-East and South Asia. As a projects officer, he plans to continue his focus on South East Asia while expanding beyond economic issues. In his free time, Manoj can be found playing football with his college mates.

IT & Publicity Officer: James Wood

James is a second-year studying Economics and Management at St. Edmund Hall. As IT & Publicity Officer he is responsible for managing ODC’s online presence and keeping the community at Oxford informed about the work that we do. In his spare time he enjoys hiking and climbing.

Secretary: Allen Haugh

Allen is a finalist reading PPE at Brasenose College. As Secretary, his main responsibilities include maintaining relationships with alumni and past clients and supporting the project teams’ logistical needs. Outside of ODC, Allen serves as President of the University's United Nations Association and as Secretary for the Society for International Development and the Brasenose JCR. He enjoys baking, speed chess, and roaming the countryside in his downtime.

Treasurer: Alex Warr

Alexandre is a second year undergraduate reading chemistry at St Anne's College. Having participated in a talent acquisition and retention strategic consulting project for BP, he is excited to take on the role of Treasurer. In the incoming cycle, he will reach out to sponsors to enable student-consultants to travel to the country which hosts the firm they are working for, manage finances and insure ODC's economic viability. Other than ODC and his degree, Alexandre is President of the Oxford University French Society, a senior consultant for OSG, as well as a Futsal Blue and boxing for the Oxford KOTR tournament.

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