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This year, our Consulting Directors are leading two projects for Youth Network for Positive Change (YOUNETPO). YOUNETPO is a Liberian NGO with a vision to "create a self-sustaining generation of youth by helping them to realize their full potentials through equal access to education, health and opportunities."

Research on Law and Governance

With this project our consultants will go through online reports, communicate with YOUNETPO, and perform research to explore ideas of “cultures of impunity” among citizens of Liberia, investigate the role of leadership and oversight mechanisms in facilitating change, and search for and compare projects on rule of law and local peace-building

Development of a Communication Plan

This project will be more focused on the business communications of the NGO. Our consultants will help YOUNETPO develop a well-structured communication plan to facilitate future interactions between the NGO and its partners, donors, sponsors, etc. They will analyse previous communication plans, discuss requirements with the organisation and prepare an action plan deliberating upon the most optimal way forward for the NGO.

Information about the consulting teams will be updated on our socials!

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