Oxford Crisis Response (OCR) provides exceptionally efficient, high-impact student consulting services. We do so by connecting students to communities around the world affected by humanitarian disasters. We are defined by our ability to act quickly while maintaining the highest standard of work.


Founded during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, we realised that the main barrier to student-led crisis response was recruitment. By maintaining a pool of recruits with widely varied skillsets and strengths, we are able to react to global needs at a moment’s notice.


  • Provide student consulting support more efficiently than current student organisations. This is measured by the time between project confirmation and active consulting

  • Reach 200 Members by July 2021  

  • Completed 20 projects by July 2021  

  • Over 33% of projects occurring in UN designated Least Developed Countries 

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Join our pool!

Register your interest using the link below. It only takes 5 minutes!


Here we ask about your main interests, key skills and time availability. We give you an option to upload your CV. This is all so we can allocate you to a project where your skills are most relevant!



OCR is actively reaching out to potential clients. We will target non-profits seeking to help those adversely affected by the ongoing crisis.

In the future, we aim to target parts of the world affected by disasters.


Project allocation

Once projects are confirmed we contact students based on their skillset and the demands of the project.


Our student consultants will spend four to eight weeks tackling projects targeting acute client needs.